Saint Andrew Rendering

The Future Home of Saint Andrew

St. Andrew Building Timeline in Brief

February 13, 2000

Millennium Committee report at Parish Annual Meeting: need for permanent classrooms, additional worship space and more parking

December, 2002

Parish purchases 2, 5-acre plots with houses on Brannon Road as investment

June 1, 2013

Facilities Improvement Task Force (FITF) established to make actionable recommendations on addressing parish growth needs. Established a process to lead us to a reasoned decision

December 1, 2014

FITF recommends to Parish Council to focus efforts on 1) developing our Brannon Road property, as opposed to 2) expanding at current location by purchasing adjacent property, 3) buying an existing church or 4) buying a different property. Council unanimously supports recommendation to develop Brannon Road

February 1, 2015

After presenting all 4 options, 92% of voting members present at the Annual Parish Meeting support recommendation to develop our Brannon Road property as our future home with new church and hall seating 300 people, ample parking and classroom space. Additional benefits include more space for Heritage Festival and rentable social hall

November 1, 2016

Parish Council approves master plan developed by CJK architects of $3.5M total plan to complete in phases. At Special Parish Meeting, 85% support from voting members present

September 30, 2017

Bishop Anthony is speaker for Capital Campaign kickoff

October 30, 2017

Capital Campaign ends with 32 pledges totaling $600,000 over 5 years. Since this will not support proceeding with CJK design, Parish Council approves engaging CMW architects

April 22, 2018

Special Parish Meeting with CMW presenting schematic design and $2.8M cost opinion; 87% approve schematic design and 82% approve budget

October 30, 2018

Despite numerous changes to reduce cost, best construction bid is $5.85M. Building Committee begins Construction Management process with Arlington Construction and CMW to reduce cost

September 11, 2019

Arlington presents $3.4M construction bid. Subsequently, EMG Services bids $3.2M

October 10, 2019

Parish Council estimates $450,000 shortfall must be raised prior to breaking ground; Capital Campaign donations fall from $100,000+ received in 2017 as momentum wanes

March, 2020

COVID-19 pandemic reduces need for classrooms, larger worship & parking spaces

Brannon Road Realignment

Brandon Road Realignment