To step inside the humble walls of St. Andrew Orthodox Church is to experience a transfer from the outer world of busyness and confusion into an ordered cosmos of beauty and theological instruction. Ksenia Pokrovsky has set before all who enter there an encounter with God’s industry to rescue His Creation.

– Treasure in a Box, Mary Katherine Lowell, Preface, p. xvi

The adornment of St. Andrew Orthodox Church that began in phases and was completed in 2005 and 2006 is a hallmark achievement of Ksenia Pokrovsky, assisted by her daughter Anna Gouriev.  Anna has gone on to become one of the finest living iconographers in America. The icons of St. Andrew represent the largest collections of Pokrovsky icons in one place in North America. TREASURE IN A BOX is a narrative companion to this body of icons.

The text offers a detailed guide to 86 panel icons containing hundreds of figures from Holy Scripture, reliable apocryphal sources, and Christian hagiography.  The collection is arranged as a graphic account of the history of salvation. From the conception of the Virgin Mary, who gave birth to God the Word, to the evangelistic preaching of the apostles, Ksenia’s icons transformed a low-budget structure into a visual catechism.

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Treasure in A Box: A guide to the icons of St. Andrew



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