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Generally services are held as follows:

Vespers: Wednesday (6:00PM)
Great Vespers: Saturday (6:00 PM)

Matins: Sunday (8:50AM)
Divine Liturgy: Sunday (10:00AM)


Saint Clement received from his teacher, Saint Peter the Apostle, all the doctrines of faith, the rites of worship, their noble offices and services and their holy prayers. Hence he commands us saying, “The offerings and services must not be fulfilled as they come, but in order, and at set times and hours.”

The day’s beginning was computed from the evening, as it is said in the Holy Book, “And it was evening, and it was morning, one day.”(Gen 1:5) Hence, the Church considers the beginning of her day the Evening or Vesper Prayer, in memory of the beginning of the day on which God started the Creation of the visible world. And in commemoration of the events of the six days of creation, the Church adopted the one hundred and third Psalm, which begins “Bless the Lord, O My soul,” and which refers clearly and plainly to the creation of man, with symbols clearly indicating the symbolized events. Click here to continue reading about Vespers…

Orthros [Matins]

“The morning service of the Church is called Matins. It opens with the reading of six morning psalms and the intoning of the Great Litany. After this, verses of Psalm 118 are sung: God is the Lord and has revealed himself to us. Blessed is he who comes In the name of the Lord. The Troparian is then sung and, if it be a monastery, various groups of psalms which differ each day are read. Once again there are hymns on the theme of the particular day. On major feast days, special praises and psalms are sung, which on the Lord’s Day sing of Christ’s Resurrection. On major feasts and on Sundays, the Gospel is also read. Click here to continue reading about Matins…

Divine Liturgy

The word liturgy means common work or common action. The Divine Liturgy is the common work of the Orthodox Church. It is the official action of the Church formally gathered together as the chosen People of God. The word church, as we remember means a gathering or assembly of people specifically chosen and called apart to perform a particular task.

The Divine Liturgy is the common action of Orthodox Christians officially gathered to constitute the Orthodox Church. It is the action of the Church assembled by God in order to be together in one community to worship, to sing, to hear God’s Word, to be instructed in God’s commandments, to offer itself with thanksgiving in Christ to God the Father, and to have the living experience of God’s eternal kingdom through communion with the same Christ Who is present in his people by the Holy Spirit. Click here to continue reading about the Divine Liturgy…