Holy Week service schedule

SUNDAY               April 5                   Matins 8:50 – Church School 9 AM – Divine Liturgy 10 AM

                                                                  Bridegroom Service – 7 PM

MONDAY             April 6                   Bridegroom Service – 7 PM

TUESDAY            April 7                   Bridegroom Service – 7 PM

WEDSDAY          April 8                   Holy Unction – 7 PM

THUSDAY           April 9                   Divine Liturgy – 9 AM –St Basil’s for the Last Supper

                                                                12 Passion Gospels – 7 PM….Crucifixion

FRIDAY                April 10                                Royal Hours – 9 AM – Tomb decoration @ 1 PM

                                                                Vespers of Taking Down from the Cross 3 PM

                                                                LAMENTATIONS 7 PM

SATURDAY         April 11                                Divine Liturgy 9 AM …followed by PASCHA Setup               



Followed by Paschal Banquet – Bring your favorite NON-LENTEN DISH


SUNDAY               April 12                                AGAPE VESPERS 12 Noon

                                                                Followed by Children’s Egg Hunt

MONDAY             April 13                                Divine Liturgy 9 AM – followed by annual breakfast outing


SPECIAL DONATIONS – for Pascha for either FLOWERS or a variety of items for the altar are being gratefully accepted. Please see Fr. Tom and please tell him if they are given in memory, health of, or for a special intention. All donations will be listed in the Pascha bulletin unless otherwise requested

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