Beloved faithful,
All women of St. Andrew are invited to come tonight to the Presanctified Liturgy as a group. The usual “pot luck dinner” will be held and a presentation on the The Liturgy before the Liturgy – Vesting for the Kingdom will given. I know you have curious question on the Church and this will be a great time to ask them
Many already know because of social media, but if you have not heard Danielle Gallaway gave birth to little girl yesterday. Eleanor Grace Ellie” 8 pounds six ounces was born. Mother, Dad baby and sister Anna are all doing well. Thank you for your many post of congratulation
WEDNESDAY April 10    Presanctified Liturgy 6 PM- followed by “Lenten Pot Luck Dinner”
                                           WOMEN OF ST. ANDREW @ PRESANCTIFIED – followed by special presentation
FRIDAY, April 11   
Compline & Akathist Hymn 7 PM – Last one of Lent
SATURDAY, April 12          
Divine Liturgy 9 AM – followed by Memorial Service for departed
 Great Vespers 6 PM
SUNDAY ,April 14          
Matins 8:50 
Adult Class 9 AM
Divine Liturgy 10 AM
 40 Day Memorial Service Helen Ayoub
 Bible Study 12:20
 WOMEN @ PRESANCTIFIED – THIS WEDNESDAY….. Vesting for the Kingdom!”                            Special Presentation:
………Why do Priest, Deacons, Bishops and all who do service at the Altar dress (vest) as they do?
USE YOUR FOOD FOR HUNGRY BOX IN LENT …Prayer, Fasting & Almsgiving!!!
MONDAY, April 15           Grand Compline 6 PM – last one of lent
TUESDAY, April 16           Morning Prayer & Bible Study 9:30 – topic Our Holy Week
WEDNESDAY,April 17           Presanctified Liturgy 6 PM- followed by “Lenten Pot Luck Dinner”
THURSDAY, April 18           PARISH COUNCIL @ 7 PM                                    
SATURDAY, April 20           Divine Liturgy 9 AM
Great Vespers 6 PM
SUNDAY, April 21          
Matins 8:50
Adult Class 9 AM
Divine Liturgy 10 AM
Blessing & Procession with the Palms
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