This week’s notes

Beloved Faithful,

Below are notes and events for this week & our upcoming Dinner Dance

THANK YOU – To everyone who worked so hard to make this Festival possible with Food, Bake Goods, Donations, Auction Items, Tickets, Clerical Work, Grounds, Set & Clean up…this Festival would not be possible without your time, energy, and service.

DINNER DANCE – GET YOUR TICKETS…….Dinner Dance Saturday September 30 during the Pastoral visit of His Grace Bishop ANTHONY of Toledo & the Midwest. ALL PROCEEDS GO TO BENEFIT THE BUILDING FUND ” CAPITAL CAMPAIGN”……….. Doors open @ 6:30 Pax Christi Roman Catholic Church Hall…Tickets are available every Sunday and are $60 a person! 


CHURCH SCHOOL – REGISTRATION IS UNDER WAY – Superintendent, teachers, aids, and students all needed for a successful program. Want to help? See or call Fr. Tom…CLASSES START THIS SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 17…SIGN UP !!!


BIBLE STUDY – Wisdom: the four books of Solomon Four books of the Old Testament are attributed to King Solomon. These books are not often the subject of Bible studies, but they contain many well-known passages of scripture. The books have much to teach us about both the practical conduct of life and the “way of life” of Christian ethics. They are collections of timeless wisdom we would do well to practice in our affairs. Join us as we study these ancient and important sources of our faith. Light lunch & fellowship with each study after Liturgy!


FEAST OR THE ELEVATION OF THE CROSS – Evening Divine Liturgy Wednesday Sept. 13 @ 6 PM for the Great Feast of the Elevation of the Cross. Confessions at 5:30 or by appointment. SEE FR. TOM TODAY IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DONATE THE FLOWERS FOR THE CROSS.


WEDNESDAY    September 13      Evening Divine Liturgy 6 PM – Elevation of the Cross

                                                                Would you like to donate flowers to decorate the Cross?

                                                                Call Fr Tom today!

SATURDAY         September 16      Arabic Language Class 4 PM

                                                            Great Vespers 6 PM- followed by Confession

SUNDAY               September 17      Matins 8:50 – Adult Study Class 9 AM

   Divine Liturgy 10 AM

                                                             Church School following Communion- Children come up first!

                                                             Bible Study for adults 12:15

TUESDAY           September  19       PARISH COUNCIL 7 PM

Fr Tom


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