Notes for the week, forms for Sunday School registration & stewardship

Beloved faithful, Nothing is more precious or more important to us than our children. We all want the very best for them. Our intentions for them, as good as the are, usually center on the material life and success, but what of their eternal souls?

CHURCH SCHOOL is a step towards the very Kingdom of God. I am asking each parent and grandparent to take it as an important mission to have both yourself and your children active in the life of the CHURCH.

Religious schools are a good thing, but they will not teach your children about their Church.

1). CHURCH SCHOOL STARTS AFTER COMMUNION…just be in church and send the children down.

2) All children will come first to communion.

3) Classes run from K – 12.

4). 3 Adult classes – You can set an example that Learning is important!

Sunday 9 AM – Fall on the Liturgy & Worship

Sunday 12:15 – Bible Study (Fall the prophet Isaiah)

Wednesday 7 PM – Orthodoxy 101 A survey of Church teachings

FORMS FOR CHURCH SCHOOL  & STEWARDSHIP included at the bottom of this post.

HELP PRISON MINISTRY – The local jail is in need of devotional/spiritual literature, Bible studies,any uplifting literature to put on the carts in the pods for the prisoners They have to be PAPER BACK WITH NO STAPLES.  If you have any you would like to donate, please bring to Nancy Holloway at church.


SATURDAY         Sept. 10                6 PM- Great Vespers @ the Greek Church for their Feast Day

SUNDAY             Sept. 11                8:50- Matins

10 AM- Divine Liturgy


12:15- Baptism – Padgett

TUESDAY           Sept. 13                 6 PM- Evening Divine Liturgy – Feast of Elevation of the Cross

Would you like to donate the flowers? Call Fr. Tom 338-2278

WEDNESDAY    Sept. 14                 6 PM- Daily Vespers followed by Orthodoxy 101 in the hall.

7 PM- Arabic Byzantine chorus rehearsal in the Nave

SATURDAY         Sept. 17                 6 PM- Great Vespers followed by confessions

SUNDAY             Sept. 18                 8:50- Matins

10 AM- Divine Liturgy– Church School following Communion.

12:15-Bible Study

StA Pledge form 2017

Stewardship 2016


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