Holy Week Schedule

Sunday April 13 – Palm Sunday – Matins, 9:15am. Church school 9:30, Divine Liturgy 10:30, Bridegroom Matins 7 pm

Monday April 14, Bridegroom Matins 7pm

Tuesday April 15, Bridegroom Matins 7pm

Wednesday April 16, Holy Unction Service 7pm

Thursday April 17, Vesperal Divine Liturgy 9 am (Last Supper Liturty of St. Basil), Passion gospels (12) 7pm

Friday, April 18, Royal Hours 9am, vespers 3pm (taking down from the cross), Gospel reading vigil begins. Lamentations 7pm, followed by Gospel reading vigil

Saturday April 19, Holy Saturday divine liturgy 9am, followed by decoration of the Church.  PASCHA SERVICE at 11PM

Sunday April 20, Agape/Baouth service 12 noon, reading of gospel in many languages

Monday, April 21, Divine liturgy 9am – paschal liturgy and breakfast outing.


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